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              WHOLISM HEALTH
"Transform physical and emotional symptoms for whole health"
Whitney T. Merritt offers clients gentle, non-invasive healing modalities to resolve physical and emotional obstacles. NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique), Bridge Therapy, and Homeopathy.  NAET and Bridge are based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Homeopathy originated in Germany in the 1800's and is still widely practiced around the world.
Common obstacles clients face:
  • anxiety, trauma, fear, panic, shame, sense of victimization, feelings of rejection, abuse, loneliness, isolation
  • food allergies, seasonal allergies, and anaphylactic shock
  • fatigue, lethargy, "brain fog", poor concentration, sleep disorders
  • poor nutritional uptake, assimilation, and digestion
  • food cravings, poor immune function, frequent colds or infections
Objectives and aim of sessions:
  •  a sense of relief that more choices of methods are available to assist addressing of  symptoms and conditions    
  • gentle, non-invasive sessions    
  • re-frame the fear and negativity around your symptom/s; demystify the healing process.    
  • stop feeling victimized by your symptoms; there are many pathways out of and through the transformation of pain.    
  • renewed living experience with peace, harmony, balance on all levels   
  • ideally to realize that you are worth it and you are loved.
We exist on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.  In treating your physical symptoms we view them as a part of the whole looking through the lens of the nervous system.  The concept of wholism is an ancient principle in Chinese Medicine and provides the basis or foundation of principles at the root of Whitney’s chosen modalities. 
You are not your pain. The “scars and slights” in your past and present do not have to define you. They provide you with an invitation to come to balance and ultimately see yourself as you truly are. As you clear pain from past and present there is a greater chance for achieving balance, calm, peace, and hopefully JOY. Healing is a sign that you want to make whole, are part of the greater whole and not alone.

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